2019 NY NOW® Winter

Allocacoc Corp. 

Booth 4047

Rockville, MD  
      United States

Washington Zenith International Trade Inc. is the fastest growing distributor of giftable items in the North America market. Our warehouse and headquarter are conveniently located in Maryland.  Our portfolio is constantly updated with new innovative products.

Product Categories

Decorative Accessories
- Lighting

Environmentally Friendly/Natural/Recycled Products
- Stationery Products

Furnishings + Fixtures (see Home Furnishings)
- Furnishings + Fixtures (see Home Furnishings)

Home Furnishings (also see Decorative Accessories)
- Home Furnishings (also see Decorative Accessories)

Party Supplies
- Party Supplies

Private Label
- Private Label

- Stationery

Unique Venue
- College/University