2017 NDIA Global Strike Exhibition

     Shreveport, LA, United States
13 - 16 Nov 17
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AFGSC and NDIA for the 2017 Air Force Global Strike Command Innovation & Technology, Breaking Barriers and Leading Change…Strategic Deterrence and Global Strike in the 21st Century, November 13-15 at the Shreveport Convention Center in Shreveport, LA.

The symposium is part of the culmination of Global Strike Challenge, an annual event where the top security forces, maintainers, and missile and bomber crews compete to be recognized as the "best of the best" in their fields. Competition began in July, and ran through the summer.

Teams from the command's six wings, as well as the Air Force Reserve and Air Combat Command, will arrive in Shreveport-Bossier City for the symposium and official score posting and awards ceremony.

Airmen lead an important role in strategic deterrence and their mission to maintain safe, secure and effective nuclear weapons. While other military units often make their mark during times of war or major military campaigns, the general said, the Airmen of AFGSC use strategic deterrence to help prevent another world war from taking place. /p>

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