2020 ATA Trade Show

T-Bird Archery 

Booth 1129

York, PA  
      United States

T-Bird Machining and Fabrication is an ISO compliant company with over 20 years experience in developing new and innovative products. The brand new Modular Arrow Saw is just one example.  The Modular Arrow Saw has the ability to be broken down and stowed into its own box, saving space for storage and greatly reducing shipping cost, while providing all the capabilities of a one piece saw. Lower retail  cost makes home arrow building affordable. Retail marketers can now display a saw without taking up a lot of space. It is availible in 115 volt and 230 volt with or without dust collection. The Modular Arrow Saw can be assembled together and fastened by screwing it to a workbench or held together with the included clip system. The new Modular Arrow Saw runs much quieter and nearly vibration free for friendly in home or shop use. Think of it as a great back up saw in your pro shop for the busy periods, then"pack it up and stow it away". Comes complete with spin testers, a built in arrow squaring device and a deburring tool. Capable of cutting carbon, wood or aluminum with the included precision balanced 1/32" wide reinforced silcon carbide blade.

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