Indian Gaming 2018 Tradeshow and Conference


Booth 1220

Minneapolis/Chaska, MN  
      United States

MyPillow is the BEST promotional product for casino giveaways: 

  • It will draw in more players than any other product. 

  • MyPillow spends $2 million per week on advertising – one of the hottest brands in America.

  • Our giveaway works for all!

  • Rolled and compact so easily taken to the gaming floor once distributed – your ROI begins immediately! 

  • Since we are the manufacturer you don’t have to pay any middle man mark ups. 

  • MyPillow is made in USA, players know us and want the brand name MyPillow.

  • Other MyPillow products: travel pillows, sheet & pillow case sets, all purpose stadium cushions and more.


Product Categories

- Textiles and Bedding