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Donna Italia USA, Inc 

Booth 1157

Miami, FL  
      United States

Donna Italia is a proven, turn-key pizza solution for hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, entertainment venues, and other food and beverage outlets seeking an authentic, Italian pizza experience for their patrons that is great tasting as well as fast and easy to prepare and serve. The plug-and-play Donna Italia Pizza Solution consists of both a genuine, 100% Italian-made pizza together with a space-saving, state-of-the-art Italian-made stone oven designed exclusively for the Donna Italia pizzas to ensure perfect preparation with ease and precision in just three minutes.

Providing speed, simplicity and consistent quality, the ovens are small enough to sit on a counter-top and require only a regular 110v outlet for operation.  Available in three models, the ovens are provided at no cost, with operators paying only for the pizzas much like a month to month food club subscription.

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