JPMA Baby Show 2018

Dry Baby 

Booth 1759

Louisville, KY  
      United States

As a mother of two, Jennifer Chapman founded Dry Baby to provide caregivers with functional apparel that gives them a leg up in the battle against spills, spit up, and drool.

After three years of development, Dry Baby is now the first to offer water and stain repellent infant and toddler clothing. Your baby's clothes will remain clean and dry throughout the day making daily life easier for a caregiver. 

The safety of our garments is our top priority, and we know it’s your top priority too. Developed by a former NASA scientist, our cotton is treated with a water based solution that is CPSC certified and fluorocarbon free! By elimnating fluorocarbens and sovent additives, Dry Baby is safe for a baby and their sensitive skin. Our water based solution is more gentle on the skin than color dyes you find in everyday clothing. Also, Dry Baby's cotton clothing allows a baby’s skin to breathe and is naturally antimicrobial. 

We are confident our specialized and functional apparel will help keep your baby comfortable and their clothing protected throughout the day.

Dry Baby garments are impossible to compare to anything on the market today because it is truly the first of its kind!

Product Categories

- Bibs/Burp Cloths
- Blankets