JPMA Baby Show 2018

Tee-Zed Products, LLC 

Booth 1045

Jamestown, NC  
      United States

Dreambaby is an internationally renowned child safety brand available in more than 100 countries. We pride ourselves on manufacturing top quality, durable, and cost-effective items to ensure safety, health, and comfort for every young family. Our products are designed not only to make your home safer, but also to make life easier for you and your family. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, car, or out and about, we can help put your mind at ease with award-winning safety gates, locks, latches and more.

Product Categories

- Bath Tubs
- Bathing Accessories
- Bibs/Burp Cloths
- Gates
- General Child Proofing
- Night Lights
- Other Bathing / Potty / Health & Child Care
- Other Infant & Toddler Feeding Products & Accessories
- Playyards
- Travel Accessories