JPMA Baby Show 2018

Bets & Emy 

Booth 436

Silver Creek, NY  
      United States

My son, Archie, was born with a full head of red hair and very sensitive skin, so I was careful to use only “natural, fragrance-free” baby wipes. Before long, I could no longer control his horrible diaper rash and started to think the baby wipes were part of the problem. When I looked more closely at the back of the pack and saw an alarming list of chemical ingredients, I stopped using traditional baby wipes and switched to soft cloths and water. Almost immediately Archie got better, so I asked myself, “Why can’t there be a baby wipe with just water and no chemical preservatives?” Bets & Emy baby wipes contain just 99.9% water & 0.1% citrus extract, with no fragrances, oils or parabens. I trust Bets & Emy wipes for my baby, and I know they’ll be perfect for your whole family.

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- Other Bathing / Potty / Health & Child Care
- Skincare Products