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PowerSafe Automation 

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Wolcottville, IN  
      United States

PowerSafe Automation's mission is to provide a safer working environment for team members through innovative turnkey solutions. 

From a singe machine enclosure to multi-location facility turnkey safety guarding projects, we pride ourselves in helping lower the statistic of Machine Guarding Methods Standard 1910.212 being the 8th most-cited OSHA violation. 

Primary applications include:

  • Safety:

    • Machine Enclosures

    • Perimeter Guarding

    • Robotic Cages

    • Sound Enclosures

    • Common Machine Shields

    • Includes all the necessary e-safety devices to turn a barrier guard into a "SAFE" guard. 

      • These devices include RFID safety sensors, locking safety switches, safety light curtains, safety laser scanners, safety switch mats, trapped key systems, and speed monitoring systems.

  • Electrical:

    • Site Electrical & Power Distribution

    • LED Facility Lighting

    • Motor Controls

    • PowerFactor Corrections.

  • Automation:

    • Automated Control Panel Builds

    • PLC & HMI Programming

    • Boiler Management Systems for Saw Mills

    • Automation Fixturing & Automation

    • Part Shuttles & Positioning

    • Motion Controls.

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Product Categories

Administrative/Risk Management/Services
- Consultants
- Risk Management/Insurance

Company Classification
- Other

- Industrial Ergonomics

Facility Design, Maintenance and Operation
- Electrical Devices
- Flooring/Mats
- Lighting Devices
- Misc. Facility Operations Equipment

Fall Protection
- Misc. Fall Protection

Hazard Controls
- Machine and Tool Guarding