SEMICON West 2014

Onn Wah Tech Pte Ltd. 

Booth 6081

Singapore, Singapore  

Onn Wah Tech (OWT) Pte Ltd was incorporated as a subsidiary of Onn Wah Precision Engineering Pte Ltd (OWPE) in Jan 2009 and aims to be the preferred One-Stop supplier for Precision Tooling used in SEMICON Back-End Packaging Industry.

Synopsis of OWT

  • Spinoff of OWPE and setup Jan 2009
  • 55 Employees
  • Provides Total Solutions in Design, Fabrication as well as Setup for BGA Tooling used in SEMICON Back-End Packaging Industry
  • Design / Fabricate Test and SAW Tooling Kit as well
  • Working with CCP Taiwan for Pogo Pins Solutions

Product Categories

200 Packaging and Assembly Equipment
- Ball Placement; Attach Systems
- Dicing; Sawing; Scribing; Separation Equipment
- Wafer Mount; Taping Equipment

309 Test Materials
- Test Sockets; Contactors and Contact accessories

700 Manufacturing Services
- Machine Shop; Fabrication Service
- Micro Machining services (small hole drilling and milling)