2020 ATA Trade Show

Veteran Innovative Products, LLC 

Booth 354

Fredericksburg, TX  
      United States

Veteran Innovative Products brings you the most lethal engineering available in the outdoor market.

The Veteran – W O R L D ’ S  F I R S T – 2 Blade Momentum Management Broadhead, The Veteran.

The Combat Veteran  – W O R L D ’ S  F I R S T – 4 Blade Momentum Management Broadhead, The Combat Veteran.

VIP Practice Point & Small Game Head -  W O R L D' S  F I R S T - Dual Purpose Practice Point.

The HogLog -  W O R L D' S  F I R S T Pig Powered On Demand Feeder TROPY WILD BOAR FEEDER

The company was founded by long-time veteran of the U.S. Navy, Matthew Futtere, upon his recent return from combat in Afghanistan. Veteran Innovative Products was formerly known as Arrowdynamic Solutions. Futtere is the creator of ground-breaking products in the hunting industry: The Atom Broadhead, The Guillotine Broadhead. The company prides itself in creating innovative hunting solutions that are “Veteran Designed, Veteran Owned and American Made.” Veteran Innovative Products combines Futtere’s proven history of innovation and Albrecht’s global experience as a bowhunter and successful business entrepreneur. These companies have provided industry changing and innovative hunting solutions for over 10 years.      

Product Categories

Arrow Components
- Points & Broadheads

Hunting Equipment
- Feeders