2020 ATA Trade Show

Sole Scraper, LLC 

Booth 534

Noblesville, IN  
      United States

Often, the best ideas come from passion and pure necessity. That is exactly how the original Sole ScraperTM was created.  Sole ScraperTM is designed to help keep your vehicle clean by leaving the mess outside. No longer will you drag mud and dirt into your vehicle, or spend valuable time cleaning its interior. It is durable, adaptable and simple to use. Sole Scraper™ is made of steel and is powder coated for long-lasting durability. The Hitch Model comes in three sizes to ensure the perfect fit and is held in place with a lock pin.  It is easy to attach to and remove from the hitch, and will not interfere with a pull-behind. The unique design features a blade that cuts into mud and debris and a brush with 57 rubber bristles that digs into the tread. 

The Outdoor Model was created to promote safety while using a tree stand.  Many accidents occur each year from slipping and falling from tree stands. The Outdoor & Sport Model was designed, as another measure of safety to help protect hunters from unnecessary accidents. Place it at the base of the tree and clean your boots before you climb to the tree stand. It also helps with preventing mud from falling from the tree stand, which scares-off deer.

Product Categories

Hunting Equipment
- Camping Gear

- Treestand Accessories
- Treestand Safety