2013 I/ITSEC

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Defense Logistics Support, Inc. 

Booth 1701

Lumberton, NC  
      United States

Defense Logistics Support, Inc. ( DLSI ) is a state of the art Training and Simulation Company located in Lumberton , NC 25 South of Fort Bragg, NC.  We are booth number 1701 and our website is www.dlsmilwraps.com  .  DLSI manufactures Atmoshperics, Props, Shoothouses , and unique systems for training that coorespond with the simulation world.

Product Categories

- Homeland Security Simulation & Training
- Medical Simulation & Training
- Mission Planning/Mission Rehearsal
- Modeling Services
- Simulation Security
- Tactics Trainers
- Training Products
- Training Services
- Visual Display Products
- Weapon Systems Trainers & Equipment

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