2018 ATA Trade Show

Allen Company Inc. 

Booth 1113

Broomfield, CO  
      United States

Since 1970, Allen Company has been a leading manufacturer of archery, hunting, shooting, tactical and outdoor products with customers around the globe.  We manufacture many of our products right here in the USA, from bow cases to game bags and beyond.  We strive to bring the best in product design and quality to market under the Allen brand name, and we’ve developed a great reputation for providing the best product for the money out there.

We understand that, as outdoor enthusiasts, you are passionate about what you do, and we’re excited to be the gear you choose to take to the field, at the range, or wherever your next adventure takes you.  Your experience depends on what’s in your gear bag, so we stand behind every one of our products.

As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we actively participate in conservation efforts by partnering with key organizations that ensure the safety and security of the hobbies we all enjoy.

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Product Categories

Arrow Components
- Points & Broadheads

- Arrows

Backpacks & Bags
- Backpacks & Bags

Bow Components
- Wrist Slings

- Cases

Hunting Equipment
- Blinds & Blind Accessories
- Concealment
- Field Dressing Aids

Shooting Aids
- Release Aids

- Treestand Accessories