2018 ATA Trade Show


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Prescott Valley, AZ  
      United States

AAE is the world’s largest manufacture of Vanes, Nocks and Recurve Accessories around the world.

AAE manufactures over 55 million vanes per year in the tried and true Elite Plastifletch and industry leading MAX material.  The proprietary blend that makes up the adhesive MAX bond has become the fastest and most secure bond on the market.

In 2006 AAE purchased Cavalier USA, the leading manufacture of recurve accessories.  Cavalier USA's dedication to quality has been continued as recurve accessories through AAE/Cavalier have continued to grow.

In 2010 AAE launched its own line of retail products with the introduction of the DOA & Pro Drop for hunters and the Pro Blade & Freakshow for tournament shooters.

AAE introduced the Hot Rodz stabilizer line in 2013.  The Hot Rodz line includes the Nitrous & Cruizer in the 24-36" freestyle category and the HTX & Western for hunting.

AAE added to its growing portfolio in 2015 with the purchase of the archery world’s leading sight lens manufacture Feather Vision.  Feather vision was acquired in late 2015.  The customer service and unparalleled optical lenses feather vision was built on will continue as they expand into the European market.

Product Categories

Arm & Finger Guards
- Arm & Finger Guards

Arrow Building Supplies
- Adhesives
- Fletching Jigs

Arrow Components
- Nocks
- Vanes & Feathers

Bow Components
- Rests
- Stablizers/Vibration Control
- Wrist Slings

Optics & Optic Accessories
- Optics & Optic Accessories

Youth Equipment
- Youth Equipment