2018 ATA Trade Show

All-In Outdoors 

Booth 422

Lagrange, OH  
      United States

The Leg Cuff   


The Leg Cuff  & XL Leg Cuff are a  light-weight, compact deer drag Made in US. 100% glassed filled nylon. Lifetime warranty! The Leg Cuff weighs 4.4 oz. XL weighs 10 oz. Carry in a pocket, jacket, pack or stored in an ATV storage compartment. 

 Leg Cuff Fitting a doe's, yearlings up to Med.bucks without slipping off when attached. XL Leg Cuff yearling to mature Bucks

What about my Trophy mount? 

Trophy Mounts are protected with our  Leg Cuffs. It keeps harvested game's rack in an elevated position while dragging through the woods and out of the field. The Leg Cuff can attach to ATV, Safety harness,chest rigs.

Yes, more than one person can use the Leg Cuff and assist with the drag, by adding an additional Leg Cuff to the deer. The Leg Cuff works great with one or two hunters.

 colors: Orange Leg Cuff  MSRP $19.95  XL MSRP $29.95

All- In Outdoors designed and develop a high quality, low cost practical hunting tool for the everyday hunter.

New Turkey Tote & Coyote Inserts were made specifically to work with our Leg Cuff Deer Drags. Making our Deer drags into a 3-1 hunting tool.The turkey is held by Leg Cuff over your shoulder putting the handle in front 

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