USITT 58th Annual Conference & Stage Expo

Boston University  

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Boston, MA  
      United States

Boston University College of Fine Arts
School of Theatre


Develop skills. Stimulate your intellect. Learn the challenges and
rewards of collaborative art. Appreciate how your knowledge of yourself
and the world around you informs your identity. The School of Theatre at
BU College of Fine Arts is a new kind of conservatory. One that
belongs, in every sense, to Boston University.

Design & Production Majors
Work closely with faculty and industry professionals to develop collaborative and process-oriented artistry that prepares you for professional theatre work. 


Develop your artistic sensibility in scenic, costume, lighting, or sound design.  Take on myriad responsibilities within our student-driving productions for our 30-40 shows annually.

As a costume or technical production major, you will develop and utilize artistic and technical skills--including draping, welding, tailoring, scenery construction, and other sophisticated techniques--making you an integral part of the collaborative artistic process. 

Evolve a keen theatrical sensibility, a working knowledge of technical production, strong organization skills, and effective personnel management.  Learn to mount theatrical events with artistry and skill that reflect and enrich your talents.

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