USITT 58th Annual Conference & Stage Expo

Automatic Devices Company 

Booth 2414

Allentown, PA  
      United States

The original manufacturer of tracks, machines, and controls for the entertainment industry. Established in 1919.  Always, manufactured and assembled in Allentown, PA.

Creator and manufacturer of the tLift self contained truss mounted lift system capable of spanning long distances with minimum support.  Lines can be relocated after installation to align with lift points on the job.  Variable speed control with acceleration and deceleration ramps to help limit system intertia on start-up and shut down.

Creator and manufacturer of the Inline series of  curtain track machines which put the machine operator at track elevation.  No more cords coming down from the tracks to a floor mounted machine!

The only U.S. based curtain machine maufacturer with UL and ETL listing on the entire machine, not just the machine components.

Manufacturer of the LogiStop and LogiStop2 - 20 stop programmable limit switch.  Program a cue in 3 button strokes!

Product Categories

- Accessories/Components
- Automation
- Control Systems/Control Equipment
- Rigging/Staging