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  1. 1.

    one of a series of levels or grades in an organization or field of activity


Manage every layer of activity on your farm from input to observation with Echelon. Regardless of the size of your operation or the crops that you grow, Echelon helps you track everything from application to recommendations, simplify your record keeping and reporting, and organize and use field-level data captured by your equipment. Furthermore, Echelon allows you to communicate with your CPS Crop Consultant when they’re not right in front of you. Field Scouting reports, Crop Plans, Field Trial Results and more shared through Echelon means no waiting for that one piece of information before proceeding.

Not all farming operations are the same so a cookie cutter recommendation isn’t useful. Supported by the experience and knowledge of your local CPS Crop Consultant, Echelon delivers solutions that are right for your acre. At CPS, we are dedicated to your success! Visit with your local CPS Crop Consultant about Echelon and "PROFIT FROM OUR EXPERIENCE"