POWER-GEN International 2017


Michael Bedley

Michael Bedley
Managing Partner
APEX Power Services Corp.

Michael Bedley is theManaging Partner with APEX Power Services Corporation. Mr. Bedley has over 35 years of broad experience in the energy industry and leads APEX's energy strategy and commodity risk management practice. Mr. Bedley has also held positions in areas such as generation pricing, portfolio assessment management, and energy trading. Mr. Bedley has structured numeruos power sale/energy hedges during the past 25 years as an energy consultant and energy market advisor. He has presented testimony to State and Federal utility regulatory agencies relating to utility and renewable energy regulation as well as bankruptcy proceedings involving power and energy supply agreements. Mr. Bedley is a distressed asset valuation specialist and has unique market experience associated with individual market sensitivities. Mr. Bedley also serves as an on-air TV and radio expert for CNBC, Nightly Business Report, Associated Press, USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Wall Street Journal in all matters pertaining to electric power production, utility and renewable energy regulation, and competitive markets.

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