Digital Signage Expo 2017


Michael Hiatt

Michael Hiatt
VP, In-Store Digital
Triad Retail Media

Michael Hiatt leads the in-store media business for Triad Retail Media. Triad provides online sales and content services for a variety of retailers, including Walmart, eBay, Sam’s Club, Dollar General, Kohl’s, CVS, StubHub, and many others. He directs his team in supporting the In-Club Digital Signage Network for Sam’s Club, as well as all other DOOH initiatives for Triad. He is the former business leader and strategist for the Walmart Smart Network. Hiatt oversaw the design of the network and selected key suppliers to build and implement the new in-store system. After leaving Walmart in 2009, Hiatt presided over Dynamic Retailing, LLC—created to advise retailers on building better retail media networks, technology suppliers on improving their offerings to retail companies, and advertising & media agencies on organizing better digital out-of-home practices. One of his clients during this time was Sam’s Club. This relationship put him on a collision course with Triad Retail Media. The rest is history as both Hiatt and Triad saw a significant growth opportunity in taking an online ad sales company into the in-store media environment-- and along with programmatic, mobile, and online video, the growth in Triad’s revenue and influence has been tremendous. Hiatt holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising & Marketing from Brigham Young University.

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