Digital Signage Expo 2017


James Fine

James Fine

James Fine is founder and president of Telecine Multimedia, a 30+ year old Montreal based company focused on creating great corporate communications. Fortune 500 clients from around the world rely on Telecine to solve their communication challenges by leveraging electronic media. Telecine has always believed in the potential of digital signage as a great communication tool. That potential can only be achieved with current, captivating and relevant information, displayed in the most appropriate and creative way possible. Its main focus is on building international corporate projects that do exactly this… with style. Technology evolves and Telecine evolves with it. Fine’s talent is in guiding his clients through the maze of today’s options, towards the best possible solution. His educational background in business and communications, and his passion for electronic toys... err... tools, prepares Fine well for this role. He enjoys sharing the lessons that he has learned over the years. He firmly believes that “there are so many new mistakes to make... why make the same ones twice?”

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