Digital Signage Expo 2017




John Coniglio, Senior Account Manager, Audiovisual Sales and Integration Services. Coniglio has been in the audiovisual industry his entire career. With a passion for going beyond the standard, Coniglio is continually growing with the ever-changing technology market. He believes in delivering a vision to a client, architect or consultant - anything is possible if you understand the products and the vision. Coniglio fully believes AV, digital media and lighting systems have become our silent sales person and our sensory entertainment. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of the right solutions to suit your needs. Coniglio has a large focus on Sports and Gaming Technologies and has worked with a number of professional sports franchises and casinos delivering industry leading audiovisual, projection mapping, digital signage and architectural lighting solutions. With sixteen plus years at the same company, 20 years in the industry and 4 award winning projects (3 x DSE Awards), Coniglio has been able to forge strong relationships in the market. With may projects both large and small scale he works closely with design, engineering and programming teams to provide the best possible solutions to clients.

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