2017 New York Produce Show


Tony Stallone

Tony Stallone
Vice-President of Fresh Merchandising

Tony, the Vice-President of Fresh Merchandising at Peapod, Chicago, comes from a long line of people passionate about food. Tony’s family goes back more than 100 years in the Produce industry. His great-grandfather was one of the largest buyers and sellers of lemons and oranges in the U.S. Some say he was bigger than Sunkist at the time. Tony’s fresh-food history began at age 5, when, after church, Tony and his father would travel to the terminal produce market to repack tomatoes for the Monday morning business (back in those days the first customers arrived just after midnight). Each summer thereafter, Tony worked at the market. The market at that time was a collection of jobbers (or merchants) who sold to independent grocery stores, wholesalers delivering to restaurants, and peddlers who typically sold their products out of the back of their trucks. Tony learned the art of buying produce from his father who would bring him along each morning as he did his daily purchases and working alongside chefs as they honed their trade. This “Produce Guru” has been in training for more than 40 years! After 20 years in the family business, Tony started his own food consulting firm in 1996 with Scotty’s Home Market (online grocer) as one of his customers. Tony helped raise a $10 million investment for Scotty’s from Nordstrom. In 1998, Tony went to work for Scotty’s as the Vice President of Merchandising. In October of 2000, Scotty’s/Streamline was bought by Peapod–Ahold. At Peapod, he has helped Peapod grow into the largest, most-successful internet grocer in America. Tony has standing television segments on ABC 7 in Chicago and is an annual lecturer at Cornell’s Produce Executive Development Program.

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