Power-Gen Brazil 2013


Hana-Muriel Setteboun

Hana-Muriel Setteboun
VP Business Development & Finance
FK Group

Hana-Muriel Setteboun is the VP of Business Development and Finance of the FK Group. She is responsible for the business development and the financing activities of the Group and its subsidiaries. Dr. Setteboun is responsible for structuring and implementing the Group's strategy, leading the penetration into new markets and expansion in existing markets, as well as initiating and developing power projects worldwide for the Group's projects, including IPP, BOT, BOO, and EPC projects. She is also responsible for raising and managing a wide range of financing solutions in various levels within the Group, its subsidiaries, and its projects. Dr. Setteboun holds a PhD in Economics - finance from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She lectures in universities on a variety of topics in the field of finance and investments.

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