2018 ISS Atlantic City


Mike Doe

Mike Doe
Sr. Applications Engineer
Melco International

I was introduced to sewing by my father back in 1979. During his time in the Navy, he learned how to intricately sew upholstery in the boats that he managed in Vietnam. As part of my childhood, he taught me the trade of sewing the different upholsteries in boats and cars. As an adult, my first interaction with an embroidery machine was with a company by the name of Creative Embroidery. I quickly learned how to run a multi-head machine (12-head). Fast forward to 1997, my wife and I started Artworks, our own print and embroidery company. In 2002, I began working at Melco, and have held various positions from sales to management and engineering. Currently, I am the Enterprise Account Manager, also lead the Melco Embroidery Applications Team. I love to share my passion and knowledge of the machine with others, and the role I play at Melco has allowed me to do that.

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