POWER-GEN International 2017


Brad Buecker

Brad Buecker
Senior Process Specialist
Kiewit Engineering Group LLC

Brad Buecker is a Senior Process Specialist for Kiewit Engineering Group LLC of Lenexa, Kansas and a contributing editor for Power Engineering magazine. He has over 36 years of experience in or affiliated with the power industry, much of it in chemistry, water treatment, air quality control, and results engineering positions with City Water, Light & Power (Springfield, Illinois) and Kansas City Power & Light Company’s La Cygne, Kansas station. He has a B.S. in chemistry from Iowa State University, with additional studies in fluid mechanics, energy and material balances, and advanced inorganic chemistry. He has written many articles and three books for PennWell Publishing on steam generation topics. Buecker is a member of the ACS, AIChE, ASME, NACE, the EPRI-sponsored Power Plant & Environmental Chemistry Committee and the Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop planning committee.

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