PRSM2018 National Conference

Show Special: Free CO2 DCV Energy Savings & Payback Analysis

What is CO2 DCV

CO2 based DCV allows buildings to save energy by modulating outside air delivery based on real time occupancy rather than providing constant ventilation at full design occupancy.  Energy savings can range from 15 to 50 percent or more. The biggest savings are available in applications that have high variable occupancy that can include retail stores, schools, gyms, theaters, hospitality, entertainment and sports venues.  Most utilities offer energy saving rebates for incorporating CO2 DCV.

The AirTest Energy Analysis Program

AirTest has developed an energy analysis program that will estimate the potential annual savings that can result from a CO2 Demand Controlled Ventilation Strategy (DCV) integrated into a building HVAC system.  The program considers local hourly climate conditions, occupancy variability, heating and cooling types, economizer strategy and energy costs to determine the annual cost to condition incoming outside air using a fixed ventilation strategy verses a CO2 DCV strategy.  The results estimate the value of savings from a proposed DCV installation.  This information will allow facility managers to estimate the potential energy payback or return on investment by adding CO2 control.  The results can also be used as technical backup for an application for utility rebates. 

 What is Involved

The Energy analysis will be conducted remotely by an AirTest engineer and takes about 15 minutes per building to complete. It requires the participation of somebody familiar with the facility being analyzed.  The analysis can be conducted via Webconference or Skype. A short questionnaire will be provided prior to the analysis to ensure all the necessary data is available.  Here is the information we need:  

AirTest can also train individuals in your organization on how to use the energy analysis program, which is available free from AirTest.

To help estimate payback and ROI, AirTest can also provide a recommendation on the best products, pricing and installation approach that can be used to integrate DCV into your buildings.  We can also provide an estimation of likely labor hours.  If there is further interest we can work with your service organization to develop a detailed scope of work. 

If you are interested in a pilot installation, AirTest offers a wireless system that can evaluate real time HVAC energy use by alternating DCV vs fixed ventilation control every 24 hours while measuring all electrical and gas energy cost.  We can make this easily installed system available for monitoring projects of two to three months to allow for determination of real time savings.  If you don’t feel the savings justify a permanent installation the system can be very easily removed.  More information on this system is available here:

To arrange for your facility energy savings/payback analysis contact an AirTest sales person (, visit us at the PRSM Show at the AirTest Booth (215), or contact Mike Schell at 805 689-1411.