TPE - Tobacco Plus Expo 2018

Meet The Company Lighting Up The Rolling Paper Industry

As more legislation passes, the marijuana industry continues to grow at an astounding rate. For most cannabis accessory companies, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. 

One company however, is doing just that. Empire Rolling Papers, creator of the “Benny”, manufactures rolling papers that not only are all natural and non-GMO but have amazing graphics that resemble the $100 bill.. The Benny’s come in a resealable wallet of 10 papers with 10 tips included. 

Sure these papers always grab attention of those around but what is most surprising are the materials used. Each Benny is created using vegetable paper, vegetable oil for the design, and a sugar based adhesive, ensuring a clean and safe smoking experience.

What separates Empire from the pack is their ability to support the products they offer. Dedicated distribution as well as phone and online support make the customer and retail experience bar none. 

Empire Papers goal continues to be able to bring a truly unique, and safe, smoking experience to cannabis connoisseurs around the world.