2018 ISA Annual Convention


Kenosha, Wis., February 2018 – The new Standard Ratcheting Combination Wrenches from Williams are designed to handle higher torque applications without rounding or deforming hex fasteners points.

The SUPERTORQUE® ratcheting box end design means no contact is made at the corners. Rather, wrenching pressure is placed on the flat surfaces behind the points. Additionally, the wrenches’ SUPERCOMBO® open end has specially designed grooves that direct wrench force away from fastener corners.

Features and benefits of the new Standard Ratcheting Combination Wrenches from Williams include:

  • Ratcheting gear with up to 80 teeth, minimizing swing arc in tight places

  • Nickel-chrome plating protects against corrosion and makes cleaning easy

  • Sized for optimum comfort and balance

  • Handles forged in the USA

  • Built with special alloy steel and heat treated for superior strength and durability

  • Standard and metric sizes available

High polish chrome finish, 12-point standard

Catalog code     LN item code                 Size                  OAL

1208RS             JHW1208RS                  1/4                   4 15/16

1210RS             JHW1210RS                  5/16                 5 7/8

1211RS             JHW1211RS                  11/32               6 15/32

1212RS             JHW1212RS                  3/8                   7 1/32

1214RS             JHW1214RS                  7/16                 7 5/8

1216RS             JHW1216RS                  1/2                   8 11/16

1218RS             JHW1218RS                  9/16                 9 1/4

1220RS             JHW1220RS                  5/8                   10 9/32

1222RS             JHW1222RS                  11/16               10 29/32

1224RS             JHW1224RS                  3/4                   12


High polish chrome finish, 12-point MM

Catalog code                 LN item code                 Size                  OAL

1210MRS                      JHW1210MRS               10                    179

1211MRS                      JHW1211MRS               11                    194

1212MRS                      JHW1212MRS               12                    207

1213MRS                      JHW1213MRS               13                    221

1214MRS                      JHW1214MRS               14                    235

1215MRS                      JHW1215MRS               15                    249

1216MRS                      JHW1216MRS               16                    261

1217MRS                      JHW1217MRS               17                    277

1218MRS                      JHW1218MRS               18                    291

1219MRS                      JHW1219MRS               19                    305

For more information on the new Standard Ratcheting Combination Wrenches, call

(877) 740-1900, or visit www.snaponindustrialbrands.com.

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