Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings 2018

The FOX 980nm

The FOX 980, A.R.C. Laser’s most compact diode laser, is the ideal system for various outpatient laser treatments (Stapedotomy, Tonsillotomy, etc.) and provides a wide range of benefits for your daily practice.

Convincing in size

The FOX 980nm laser with its solid transportation case where every accessory can be stored comfortably and securely will make your daily practice routine easier and more efficient. Move easily between OPD rooms and don´t waste useful space with this thoughtfully designed laser device.

Convincing in use

The FOX 980nm is battery powered and therefore no power cords will cross your way. The easy-to-use touchscreen with the interactive menu control ensures an intuitive handling of the laser systems at any time.

Convincing accessories

The convenient accessories available for the FOX 980nm are deliberately designed to meet your needs in the daily ENT routine and provide you with lots of opportunities in usage and application.

Integrate the FOX 980nm into your practice, benefit from the advantages of this thoughtfully designed laser system with its accessories and you will never want to miss it again!