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Anton Paar introduces particle size analyzers (PSA)

Anton Paar’s portfolio for particle characterization has been expanded greatly by three new laser diffraction instruments for particle size analysis. The PSA instruments are based on the laser diffraction principle and give information about the particle size distribution in dry powders as well as in liquid dispersions.

The new particle size analyzers, which have been recently acquired from the French company CILAS (Orléans, France), represent an excellent addition to the Litesizer™ product line. Anton Paar now offers measuring systems for a wide measuring range. This begins with particles of the size of a single water molecule and ends with pebble-sized particles. Whereas Litesizer™ is capable of measuring particle sizes from 0.3 nanometers to 10 microns in liquid samples, the PSA instruments expand this range to up to 2.5 millimeters in liquids and powders.

The PSA product family consists of three instruments, namely PSA 990, PSA 1090, and PSA 1190. All three models can be operated in both dry and liquid modes. They are the only instruments on the market combining both possibilities in one single setup. This patented design eliminates the need for the operator to make any manual adjustments. Switching between dispersion modes is done via the software with just a mouse-click and no hardware changes, re-validations, or re-alignments are necessary.

Anton Paar’s PSA instruments stand out due to their unmatched robust design. The optical components and high-resolution detectors are mounted on a cast-iron base plate that keeps the system precisely aligned, even in the harshest environments, for example in the cement, mining, and building materials industries. The patented multi-laser technology guarantees the highest accuracy and repeatability in a wide measuring range. These characteristics, together with full traceability of measuring results, set the basis for the future success of the PSA instruments in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. All Anton Paar particle size analyzers are calibrated according to the ISO 13320 and USP <429> standards and the software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

In the course of integration into the extensive portfolio of Anton Paar, the PSA series is now part of the supreme service and support that is offered for all instruments. Moreover, further refinements of the PSA instruments for a complete portfolio integration are planned.

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