Nightclub & Bar Expo 2018

Berg’s Cutting Edge Technology Increases Bar Profitability

March 1, 2018   Successful nightclub and bar owners must apply a laser focus on cash and inventory controls in today’s competitive marketplace.  Berg’s highly sought after Cocktail Feature for its touch screen control systems ensures the integrity of branded and signature cocktail recipes and reduces cash and inventory losses.  The DN All-Bottle™ ID (ABID) Dispenser and Merlin System with the Cocktail Feature enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.  Berg’s Cocktail Feature supports up to 200 cocktails with up to five brands of liquor each and ensures a consistent mix with every cocktail, at every bar and at every location.  Berg’s Radio Frequency (RF) integrated circuit technology and wireless bottle-top liquor dispensers pour and monitor the pouring activity of each brand of liquor. Along with the Cocktail Feature the ABID and Merlin systems track up to 200 different liquor brands with four portion sizes per brand and up to four price levels.  

About Berg

Berg developed the original liquor control systems and technology almost 50 years ago and has continued to advance this technology, supplying the market with the most respected liquor controls and equipment available today. Berg continues to refine technology to improve bar profitability and patron satisfaction. 

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Mike Keating, General Manager