IBS New York 2018

Hairtalk® Launches Never-Before-Seen In Salon Stocking Cabinet for Premium Hair Extensions

Hairtalk® Extensions, the only hair extension brand that provides stylists creative freedom with the flexibility to customize each extension service, pioneers a new In-Salon Stocking Program. The program offers three financeable packages, competitive pricing on premium extensions, hair care, accessories, and most importantly a free stocking cabinet!

“Whether you are a booth renter or a salon owner, hairtalk® Extensions gives you several options of packages to choose from to suit your business needs”, said Esther Shoonover, Brand Manager at hairtalk® Extensions. “We also offer a 4-month payment plan, so you have the opportunity to make your money back before completing your payments.”

The countertop and the full length locking cabinets create a beautiful, high-end visual display for your clientele as they walk in the door. The cabinets are also a valuable selling tool to increase extension business as an on-the-spot impulse buy. This takes extensions from a multi-visit process to a same day service.

Hairtalk® Extensions’ new in-salon stocking program allows you to increase margins with three competitively priced package options while giving you a 4-month payment plan, ultimately a $1,500-$5,000 value for free depending on the package you choose.

Learn more about Hairtalk®'s new in-salon stocking program here: hairtalkusa.com/stockingprogram