2018 Wedding & Portrait Photography

Former Kidnap Victim Builds Redhead Photography Book with WPPI

One Former Kidnap Victim is Returning for the Girls She Left Behind.

Stop by booth 1248 to learn more about Redheads Unite! The Book Project

One Colorado resident is determined to make a change in a big way.  Not only is this former kidnap victim throwing a huge Redhead shindig in her home city of Denver, but she plans on taking the brand new but already expanding organization to a National Level.  She's already opened a chapter in Texas as is in talks with Florida, Louisiana and Oklahoma currently, with more waiting in the wings.

She's written a book about her kidnapping and has made sure it's printed on the back that every penny of book sales will go to help fight human trafficking.  Her goal for this year alone is to raise enough money to rescue at least 100 children for every victim she left behind when she escaped.  Many have told her that's an impossible task, but when she accomplishes that task, she plans to set even more impossible goals and crush them as well.

Participating photographers will have their photography published in a worldwide distributed book.  Each contributing photographer will have an entire chapter of the book dedicated to their work. More information on Redheads Unite! The Book Project can be found here.

Come meet the Founder of the organization, former kidnap victim and author, Amanda Blackwood.  She'll be at the booth all three days of the expo with a limited number of copies of her first book, Detailed Pieces of a Shattered Dream,  available for purchase.  All proceeds go to help fight human trafficking.

Join the fight.  Together we can make a difference. 

R e d h e a d s  U n i t e !
Be part of something BIG.