2018 ISS Long Beach

7014 Legacy White

7014 Legacy White™ offers great bleed resistance, outstanding print performance, very fast flash, excellent opacity and a matte finish.  It is easy to print, results in a super soft feel and is very creamy and soft-bodied. This redesigned ink delivers an optically brighter and superior performance white ink.

“With the re-formulated 7014 Legacy White™, our products continue to evolve and deliver what our customers want,” said Steve Kahane, President of International Coatings. “7014 Legacy White™ is the result of developing a product targeted to customer demands for a high performing white ink.”

The 7014 Legacy White™ has become one of International Coatings’ top products and small and large printers agree that the 7014 Legacy White™ exceeds their expectations.  Even in side-by-side print comparisons, the new 7014 Legacy White™ outperforms comparable competitors’ brands in coverage and printability. 

7014 Legacy White™ is available through International Coatings’ exclusive network of distributor companies.