57th Annual Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference

Profile Industries has revolutionized seed sorting.

For over 30 years, Profile Industries has designed and manufactured seed cleaning solutions that maximize the quality of seeds and the efficiency of the sorting  process. This last year, the engineers had a breakthrough and designed an even more cost effective and efficient seed separation solution. What they created is an industry changer… and we’re not just saying that! 

With a modified designed and some key alterations, Profile can now make its Rotary Separator available at nearly half the cost to its customers. What does this mean for you? Simple. The Rotary became well known as the machine that could “pay for itself in one year.”  With a reduced clean-out up to 20%, a 50% greater quality return, and a 99% separation efficiency rating - its quite easy to see how. By redesigning and reducing the initial investment of their customers, Profile is setting its sights on changing the seed sorting industry at its core.

With a long and growing list of satisfied customers, Profile's new Rotary Separator at its new price is sure to turn heads. Steve DeJong, president of Profile Industries, will have this machine and other seed sorting solutions on display at the Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference in San Diego. If you’re in the area, you will want to see this technology for yourself!