NSBA 2018 Annual Conference & Exposition

Forecast5 Named as One of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year 2017 by The Silicon Review

Forecast5 Analytics has built a software suite that can be used for numerous public sector tasks and projects. The company continues to expand and evolve with a focus on supporting decision-making processes. President and CEO Mike English commented, “In our team meetings, we are always asking the question, ‘what are the big issues facing our clients’.  Our goal is to keep our focus on the things that are most important to our clients.”

Local governments are under significant pressure to ‘do more with less’ and Forecast5 can deliver a data-driven process that extends and sustains the services a government is providing to its constituents. English says, “Our users will find many new opportunities to connect their data sources and generate multi-dimensional output.”  The current roster of Forecast5 applications includes 5Sight, 5Cast, 5Maps, 5Share and 5Lab.