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Say “Hello” to the Oxygen Beauty Spa

Independence, Ore. – Say “hello” to the Oxygen Beauty Spa, a self-contained, eco-friendly soaking experience that gives you a peaceful spa treatment right from home. By sitting in your Oxygen Beauty Spa for just 20 minutes a day you’re sure to experience the natural soothing benefits of oxygen therapy.

Water Rejuvenation Products’ parent company, Marquis® has been in the hydrotherapy industry since 1980.

The Oxygen Beauty Spa is a stylish vessel of warm, soothing, reusable water. It is a personal space for you to sit back, relax and escape for a few moments – and at the push of a button, there is a very special Oxygen cloud spa treatment for you to enjoy.

Millions of microbubbles are generated from a patented pump system to create an emerging cloud of oxygen therapy for your skin. In minutes, the crystal clear water of the Oxygen Beauty Spa is transformed into a thick cloud of milky, soft water that envelops you in microbubbles. In this total immersion of highly oxygenated water your skin breathes and comes alive. The microbubbles are hundreds of times smaller than the pores of your skin and they permeate deep beneath the skin surface to rejuvenate skin softness and collagen balance. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, skin softness and health improve.

The Oxygen Beauty Spa has its own automated filtration system that continually filters and cleans the water after each use. The simple filter system is really easy to clean periodically, to keep it functioning as it should. Running water is all you need to flush the filtration system clean and then it is ready for use again. Pristine water management is a snap with SmartChlor™ mineral and low dose sanitizer cartridges. Using minerals allows the water to stay clean with small sustained dosages of sanitizer that automatically release in the water as needed.

Oxygen has long been known to benefit skin health. The Oxygen Beauty Spa is a very simple and natural way for allowing your skin to breathe and rejuvenate from within. And you will feel and see the difference, not in four to six weeks like topical treatments, but right away!

So, say “hello” to the Oxygen Beauty Spa by visiting www.OxygenBeautySpa.com, where you can watch product videos, download a brochure and even purchase your own Oxygen Beauty Spa online.

Water Rejuvenation Products' parent company, Marquis® has been in the hydrotherapy industry since 1980. The Oxygen Beauty Spa is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.  The headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Independence, Oregon. We are one hundred percent employee-owned, which means each and every employee puts pride into every Oxygen Beauty Spa. For more information please call (800) 275-0888 or visit www.OxygenBeautySpa.com.