NCEA 2018

ISO 9001:2015 & G7 Certifications - When Quality Counts!

Bradford & Bigelow is one of the first printers in North America to successfully update its company-wide quality systems to receive ISO 9001:2015 certification, the most advanced ISO Standard! 

ISO 9001 is the premier quality control and management system worldwide. Certification does not guarantee perfection but does mandate a process of continuous review and improvement. The ISO Standard requires that every non-conforming event is analyzed and reviewed by Management and the Team Members involved in a root cause analysis. This, in turn, produces a corrective action plan to address any necessary modifications in procedures or training. Over time, this review process creates a better-trained workforce and a consistently higher level of quality in the products and services provided.

Additionally, B&B received the G7 Master Certification, the highest quality level awarded by the national trade association, Idealliance. The G7 Certification requires a set of standards and a process for calibrating color between proofing systems and presses. The emphasis in this specification is on grayscale balance. The goal of G7 is to provide visually consistent, repeatable color between the approved proof and the printed sheet. 

As a G7 Certified Master Printer, we calibrate our proofing systems and presses to ensure strict adherence to GRACoL specifications. This process allows B&B to provide proofs and press-sheets that are nearly identical and much more closely matched than non-certified G7 commercial printers provide.

When quality counts, call Bradford & Bigelow!