2020 ATA Trade Show

Feed Block Elevator Launches at ATA

Feed Block Elevator is a new, unique one of a kind product that elevates feed blocks, minerals and other products up to 50 pounds off the ground. away from the elements and pests. The Feed Block Elevator's design makes it extremely versatile and holds small blocks, mineral rocks and large feed blocks with posts that can adjust inward, and lock, to hold your favorite product firmly in place. It gives deer, elk and exotics 360 degrees of access to the blocks with its 100% open design. The Feed Block Elevator easily mounts to a T post or existing fence post. The Elevator is tough as nails and is made from "steel strength" reinforced polymer, won't rust and weighs under one pound.  Feed Block Elevator is manufactured by Buckeye Innovations LLC. Buckeye Innovations is a leader in equipment style and design made by hunters for hunters. New innovative ideas are developed and rigorously tested before hitting the market. Make your effort count with Buckeye Innovations.