2020 ATA Trade Show

Sole Scraper Adds Another Measure of Safety

Safety begins on the ground. Slipping is one of the main causes of tree stand accidents.  When a hunter begins the climb to the tree stand, oftentimes, he or she is wearing muddy boots. Mud and metal do not mix well and can cause slipping, resulting in an accident or fall. Mud can also be dragged to the platform, increasing the chances of slipping. 

The creators of Sole Scraper began their business with hunters in mind, hoping to help protect hunters from unnecessary accidents.  The Outdoor Sport Model was created as a result of two friends falling from their tree stands and suffering serious injuries. “The concept is to leave the mud on the ground where it belongs, rather than dragging it up the steps and to the platform. If you clean your boots before you climb, you reduce your chances of slipping on mud.” said Junior Davis. “Not only is it another safety measure for hunters to use, but it also helps prevent mud from falling from the tree stand, which scares-off deer.”  Place the unit at the base of the tree and clean your boots before you climb. Sole Scraper Outdoor Sport unit can be easily moved to different locations.

Sole Scraper's frame is made of steel and is powder coated for long-lasting use.  The blade digs into the mud and debris on your boot.  The brush is made of urethane rubber with 57 strong and flexible bristles that will clean deep into the tread of your boot. Unit measures 14" W x 12" L.  Additional information can be found at www.solescraper.com.