2018 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference

EKU Power Drives is looking toward Frac automation

The low oil price environment is challenging operators and service companies in the US Oil and Gas industry to reduce production cost. Well stimulation operations are OPEX intensive, and frac gathers most of that burden. A typical well site can easily exceed 35 MW of installed power. Therefore, the power automation potential to increase margins from well – site operations is immense. The central theme is to boost the return on net operating assets by lowering OPEX while maintaining the same productivity.

EKU in partnership with one of its clients had begun to test the first phase towards Frac Automation. The project goal was to eliminate 95% of idle operation and enable to have the full power within seconds without increasing the wear on the equipment. The innovation brought to light one of the best qualities of electric engines. The ability to automatically take over a frac pump behavior according to operational needs. 

The results, intensely tested during ten months in the Permian Base have shown: Asset effectiveness increase on 51%, drastic fuel cost reductions, less maintenance and higher equipment availability. 

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EKU Power Drives

December 1st, 2017